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We have a great deal of experience in the organisation and leading of school groups in Nepal, Tibet, India, Canada and South America and we can set up an expedition to other areas as well. All you need is the group and a teacher to be the nominated school leader - we will do the rest. Let us know if you have an idea and we will:

  • visit you to discuss your requirements
  • visit again to give a presentation to students and their parents
  • provide you with the necessary paperwork
  • do all the research needed if your area of choice is new to us
  • provide our own experienced leader to go with the group
  • arrange and run one or more training weekends for the group in one of the highland regions of UK

Expeditions usually last from four to five weeks and provide a major challenge for the participants. They are instrumental in developing the qualities of leadership, management, initiative, self-confidence and teamwork in the students as well as providing an enjoyable experience. The best times for the expeditions to take place, of course, is during the school summer holidays, or Easter if that holiday is of sufficient duration. We recommend starting planning two years in advance, and we usually do our first presentation at the school during the autumn term. However, these timings are not critical, and we could set up an expedition in a much shorter time, provided that the students can raise the necessary finance in time.

Solihull School
at Everest Base Camp
August 1999

Solihull School at Everest Base Camp, Tibet

Please contact us by telephone or email to discuss the possibilities.

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